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Hello!  My name is Cindy D’Andrea and I am an award-winning solo performer, actor, writer, producer and fitness expert. Entertaining people, making them laugh, cry and possibly see the world through different eyes has been a driving force throughout my career. My most rewarding accomplishments have come from combining my passion for performing, my love for cats and my volunteer work in animal rescue together in my solo shows and being able to give back to the rescue communities. Animals see no race, gender or political viewpoint.  They just love you for you.  It is the ultimate in unconditional love, and I strive to bring this compassion and kindness into all of my acting projects. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


After several successful runs in Los Angeles, I am taking my most recent solo show, Cat Sh!t Crazy, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August 2023!  This has been a dream of mine for many years and it is a daunting pursuit!  I visited Scotland and the festival last year, so I feel ready to face the challenge as a performer. 

"Cindy's energy is undeniable and her passion for the character is audacious to a comic effect...Her strong performance is something to behold."

-Splash Magazine


About the show….

Cat Sh!t Crazy played to sold out crowds at the Santa Monica Playhouse Binge Fringe Festival and the Whitefire Solofest earning a Best of 2019 Audience Choice Award and two Audience ‘Sweet’ awards from Better Lemons. Partial proceeds from each performance were donated to Animals In Need Rescue Network and Fixnation.

Here’s what audience goers had to say:

  • "Cindy LAYERED so many feelings and emotions.. LOVED this play, loved her performance, loved how authentic and real and genuine her open heart was..It's like catnip for this cat-lover!”


  • "If cats have 9 lives, then this show has 10! Imaginative and witty, at times deeply moving, Ms D'Andrea will take you places you've never been.”


  • "Absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to see it again! Cindy deftly weaves a dark-comedy story of heartbreak and finding love in a surprising and enjoyable way. Even if you aren't a cat-lover, this show makes you want to be one! Highly recommended!”


My goal is to take Cat Sh!t Crazy on the road across the globe and help raise awareness on how animals can and do heal us. Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the first step toward that goal! Feel free to contact me at for more information and how you can help me save our homeless and in need cats.

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Cat Sh!t Crazy Trailer & Audience Reviews!

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